The way of the world is meeting people through other people.

Robert Kerrigan

So How Do I Join?


Your Networking Universe is where networking and technology meet. To join one of the YNU referral groups and begin taking advantage of all of the benefits of membership, you first create a FREE profile. This free account allows you to:

  1. Create or join a leads group
  2. (Coming Soon) Post an event on the Networking Events Calendar in your area
  3. (Coming Soon) Enjoy access to free articles and videos in Your Networking University

To sign up for your free profile, click HERE.

AFTER CREATING YOUR FREE PROFILE, you then will receive a confirmation e-mail. (IMPORTANT: Be sure that you do not include an extra space when copying the password in the confirmation e-mail.) Click on the link and log back into your new account. Look on the left side of your account manage and you will see "Join a Leads Group" and "Create a Leads Group". If you are looking to join an existing group, click on "Join a Leads Group." Click on the other option to start a new group of your own.

Welcome to Your Networking Universe!