The way of the world is meeting people through other people.

Robert Kerrigan


YNU Membership Info

Membership has its privileges. The first step is to create a FREE profile. After that you can join a leads group or create a leads group. In time, your free profile will also give you access to Your Networking Calendar, Your Networking University and Your Network - three coming worlds in your universe that will give you mastery over your networking activities.

Your FREE Account:

Your first step toward membership is to create a free account with Your Networking Universe (YNU). Doing so is easy and gives you the ability to create more worlds to add to your Universe.

Your Leads Group Account:

After creating your free account, you might decide to join a leads group - or even create a leads group. Do you want all the tools you need to run your leads group at the tip of your fingers? Most leads groups do things the hard way. Members write up leads on paper, one-on-ones, Power Partner intros, etc. Then some poor soul must enter all that info.

And what about tracking attendance, sending attendance reminders, typing up and sending e-mail meeting reminders, e-mailing guest invitations, tracking speakers and greeters, etc., etc. - all the little things that make a big difference in the organization of your group. What if ALL these activities were automated? How much easier would your management of your leads group be? How much more attractive to new members would you be?



Start the process today - create your free profile and begin your journey into Your Networking Universe.


Our pricing depends on the stage of your leads group. The first 10 members to join a group get a significant discount. The next 10 get another discount. And once a group reaches 20 members the price settles to a very reasonable $25/month. You will find that at YNU we have more competitive pricing than most of our peers. Why are we less expensive and yet provide so much benefit? Because we want to win your business. The founder of this company has lived and breathed networking for over 10 years and wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of a great network. Price should not be a consideration. So enjoy - you have found the right company.