The way of the world is meeting people through other people.

Robert Kerrigan

Other Services Offered by Your Networking Universe

Networking Consultant and Strategist

Mark Hiatt can help you to clearly identify your networking strategy in terms of:

  1. Power Partners
  2. Social Media
  3. Referral Groups
  4. Marketing vs. Networking
  5. Referrals (giving and receiving)
  6. Design (what does your network look like)
  7. Customer Strategies (how do customers fit into my networking efforts)
  8. And much more

In addition to creating referral groups since 1998, Mark has been providing cutting edge networking training and development since 2002. He has written two networking books, a referral group training program, and is currently writing his third book on networking and developing his first e-learning course on networking. Mark is the foremost authority on the subject of networking as it relates to salespeople and business owners and can help you to create or refine your networking strategy.

Cost: $400/month for three 50 minute sessions by phone or in person (travel charges may apply)

Call 303-525-4690 for more information.