Your Networking Universe Leads Group Rules and Procedures

Your Networking Universe
Corporate Rules and Procedures
Copyright 2017 by Your Networking Universe

Last Updated: December 18th, 2017

Throughout this document, Your Networking Universe shall be referred to as either YNU or Company. Other definitions within this document include:

Member: any person obtaining membership in a YNU leads group
YNU Meeting: any meeting with YNU members in attendance
Presenter: member who provides a 3-10 minute presentation on their business to the chapter.

YNU Corporate Address & Phone #:
PO Box 1784
Sandy, OR 97055

Refund Policy: Please refer to "H. Termination of Membership" for our Refund Policy.

A. YNU Vision Statement

1)    The YNU Vision Statement will be read to begin each YNU meeting:
I)    “To cultivate a positive, fun, and enjoyable environment where members are encouraged to build long-lasting business relationships, pass qualified word-of-mouth referrals, and develop effective networking skills.”

B. Code of Ethics

1)    Members will adhere to the following code of ethics in all business directly and indirectly related to YNU chapters, Members, YNU, and referrals you receive from the YNU network of members.
I)    I will focus on building long-term business relationships, which are founded on honesty and integrity, with my fellow YNU members.
II)    I will display a positive and supportive attitude at all YNU chapter meetings.
III)    I will follow up on all leads within 48 hours of the time I receive the lead.
IV)    I will provide above-standard customer service to all YNU members and their referrals.

C. Meeting Structure

1)    The website: contains all the instructions on how to run a YNU meeting. Please reference this website often for ideas, tips and instructions for applicable board positions.

D. Chapter Positions and Their Descriptions

1)    The next two sections (D2 and D3) provide a list of volunteer positions within each YNU chapter. The positions marked with an asterisk are required positions within each YNU chapter.
2)    Voting Board Positions:
I)    *President:
i)    Run meetings.  Greet guests at meetings.  Set chapter goals. Run meeting in a positive and smooth manner.  Encourage group to strive to meet goals. Run board meetings on a monthly basis. Explain Board decisions to membership the week following the monthly board meeting. President always votes last if there are an odd number of board members present. If there is an even number, the President does not vote in order to ensure there is an odd number of votes.
II)    Past-President:
i)    Provide guidance. Attend all Board meetings and vote on all issues.
III)    *Vice President:
i)    Prepare meeting place.  Put out literature and prepare guest information table.  Introduce other Board members for Committee Reports (Leads and Attendance Reports once per month, Membership and Program Coordinator Reports at every meeting, and other reports as needed).  Take attendance.  Offer an oral explanation of attendance requirements at each chapter meeting and give attendance report once per month (which is one of the Committee Reports). Collect YNU items/materials when meeting is over and put them away (or delegate to someone else).  Notify Secretary when attendance letters should be sent out. Run meeting when President not in attendance. Order supplies when low. Attend all Board meetings.
IV)    *Secretary:
i)    Take notes at board meetings.  At subsequent board meeting, supply minutes from previous board meeting.  Draft and mail all correspondence, including warning and termination letters to members who violate the rules and regulations.  Maintain all minutes and correspondence in a binder for a permanent record.
V)    *Leads Chair:
i)    Provide oral presentation regarding the Participation Form and the proper way to pass forms before giving your commercial. Count leads at each meeting and announce how many were passed.  Track participation points and keep a monthly and yearly total.  Prepare a monthly sheet to be passed (electronically or physically) to the membership of the leads passed and received for the month.  Provide an oral Leads Motivating/Leads Generating Idea at each chapter meeting.  Attend all Board meetings.
VI)    *Membership Chair:
i)    Call guests and thank them for coming to the meeting.  Encourage guests to call if they have any questions.  Keep track of the categories your group is trying to recruit each month and remind members during committee reports.  Track the number of guests and the members who invited them.  Provide an oral Guest Bringing Idea at each chapter meeting.  Attend all Board meetings.
VII)    Member Liaison:
i)    Optional voting board position. Act as liaison to the membership, bringing any concerns or thoughts members want to share with the board to the board meeting and presenting those concerns or thoughts with the board on behalf of the membership. Attend all Board meetings. (If you have an active member who wants to be on the board and there are no more positions – this can be used to provide that member with a position.)
3)    Non-Voting Positions:
I)    *Program Director:
i)    Provide a Speaker schedule to the board and the chapter.  Provide an oral report of the rotation at each chapter meeting.  
II)    After Hours Mixer Chair:  
i)    Coordinate the quarterly Business Mixers.  You may appoint a committee of your choice to aid you in the planning and preparation of these events.
III)    Membership Committee Member:
i)    Help Membership Chair to complete all membership-related tasks.
IV)    Power Network Chair:
i)    Organize the Power Partner groups (B2B, Construction, home-based businesses, etc.) and create opportunities for different groups to get together and discuss how the group can become more successful.
V)    *Communications Chair:
i)    Take notes at meetings, including guests who attended. Send chapter e-newsletter out the day after the meeting to all members (and the guests who visited that previous meeting) letting them know who the speaker was, a little bit about his/her speech, how many leads were passed, who the guests were, who the speakers and greeters are for the next week and a motivational thought for the week.  
VI)    *Sergeant at Arms:
i)    Maintain the timing of Commercials and Presentations during the chapter meetings.  Enforce the Rewards and Incentives policy during the chapter meetings.  Provide an oral explanation of the time-keeping instructions at each chapter meeting.
VII)    Community Event Chairperson:
i)    Track community events and inform our chapter of upcoming dates.  Encourage participation from our members.  Coordinate group participation in these events.

E. Elections

1)    The election of the President shall be held prior to November 15th with new officers taking over on the 1st of January.
2)    Voting shall be by written ballot with no voting by absentee ballot allowed.
3)    At the meeting two weeks before the vote, the membership will nominate candidates for the President position and those candidates may accept or decline the nomination. A candidate may nominate him or herself.
4)    At the meeting one week before the vote, there will be no Presenters and instead the candidates will receive up to 3 minutes to explain why they are the best person for the job and to provide their vision for where the chapter will go under their direction.
5)    The President shall be elected by majority vote of the membership and then the President will appoint the Vice President, Secretary, Membership Chair, Membership Liaison (optional – usually added to the board if there is a Past President so that the voting board has an odd number) and Leads Chair.
6)    The Voting Board will then appoint the rest of the chair positions.

F. Chapters

1)    YNU chapters will read the YNU Vision Statement at the beginning of each YNU meeting.
2)    Though a YNU chapter operates as a separate entity and taxes (if any) of that entity are not connected to YNU, Your Networking Universe owns all rights to the chapter’s name, location, time and structure and no member may leave YNU and continue to use the chapter’s name, location, time or structure in any capacity.
3)    YNU chapters may not be disbanded by vote of the Board of Directors. Once a chapter is created, it remains a YNU chapter until a YNU Corporate representative determines that a chapter will no longer remain in that location. Members may choose to leave the chapter but the time, place and location will remain a YNU chapter time, place and location. If all members of a chapter choose to leave, the last Board of Directors or the last members in possession of YNU materials or checking account information must immediately turn them over to YNU corporate so that YNU corporate can provide the materials to the next set of members who take over that chapter time and location.
4)    No part of the net earnings of the non-profit chapter shall inure to the benefit of or be distributable to any director or officer of the chapter, or any other individual, and no director or officer of the corporation, or any other individual, shall be entitled to share in any distribution of any of the corporate assets on dissolution of the corporation or otherwise.

G. Board of Directors
1)    The Board shall manage all of the chapter’s activities in accordance with the YNU Rules and Procedures.
2)    A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum needed to vote on chapter issues. A majority vote of those present shall be required to approve any action of the Board.
3)    If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President and shall appoint a new Vice President until such time as the chapter can hold an election and vote in a new President, who will then appoint his or her board.
4)    The vacancy of any Board position other than President shall be filled by President appointment.
5)    If a Board member is directly involved in an issue upon which the Board must vote, said board member is prohibited from voting on that issue.
6)    If there are two or more complaints about a board member, the rest of the Board members will meet to review the complaints. If the remaining board members decide that the complaint(s) are substantial enough to indicate that this person should no longer be on the board, they can vote this person off the board. A replacement for that board position will then be appointed by the President. If the President was voted off the Board, a new election for President must take place for that chapter and the Vice President will run the meetings until a new President is elected.
7)    A YNU representative may remove a board member for any reason.
8)    Board members may only discuss issues that pertain to running and managing a YNU leads group. Board members will encourage members to know and understand the YNU Rules and Procedures as they are written.
9)    The Board will familiarize itself with Rule numbers 12-15, section J: General Policies, and encourage any member who knowingly or unknowingly seeks to break this rule to read the rule and cease and desist any discussion that may jeopardize the future of any YNU chapter.

H. Termination of Membership

1) If a members wants to cancel his or her membership in YNU, the member must send an e-mail or written notice by mail to YNU. You can send the notice to or the PO Box listed at the top of this document. Your membership will then be terminated 30 days after the notice is received. If you do not receive confirmation of your cancellation notice, assume that YNU did not receive the notification and either resend or call YNU at 303-525-4690.

2)If a member does not follow any one of the rules and procedures of YNU that member's membership in YNU can be terminated by vote of the member's chapter Board of Directors. If a member's membership in a YNU chapter is terminated by the chapter's Board, that member may no longer participate in any YNU activities.

3) YNU reserves the right to terminate any member's membership in their YNU chapter. If YNU, rather than your chapter, terminates your membership, your latest annual payment or your latest monthly payment since your last renewal date to YNU will be refunded. If the chapter terminates your membership due to a member not meeting the requirements for attendance or participation, NO REFUND will be provided. YNU will refund only those monies paid directly to YNU. YNU will not refund more than one year's membership fee.
4)    If a member must, by law, be licensed in his or her chosen field of work, he or she must produce proof of said licensing if either a YNU representative or a board member of their chapter requests proof. The aforementioned member has 15 days to provide proof or he or she loses her membership in YNU.
5)    Any member who tries to discourage a guest from visiting or joining any YNU group may have their membership immediately terminated by the Board of Directors of their group with written testimony from the guest that they were discouraged from joining. Any member who does not feel a guest should join their chapter must present their views to the Board of Directors of the chapter. The Board will then use that information when voting on said guest’s membership if the guest chooses to submit an application.
6)    YNU Dues:
I)    YNU corporate renewal dues must be paid within 15 days of your due date, which is also your invoice date, or a late fee of $20 will be immediately applied to your account. If a member does not pay the renewal within 30 days of his or her anniversary date, his or her YNU membership will be suspended (during which time said member may not attend any YNU functions) until payment is received or until 45 days have passed without payment. If a member has not paid their renewal fee after 45 days their membership is terminated. If paying monthly and your credit card stops working for any reason, the YNU member is responsible for contacting YNU to make arrangements to provide new credit card information.
II)    If a member is more than 30 days late in payment of either local or YNU dues, he or she can only be reinstated as an active member of the chapter by majority vote of the Board of Directors after paying their dues and any applicable late fees.

I. Member Participation Requirements

1)    The following participation policies apply to all YNU leads group members. By filling out the YNU Leads Group Application, you agree to the following:
I)    Payment Policy: YNU Members who are paying monthly or quarterly agree to allowing YNU to automate those payments, though they can request that the payments not be automated by sending an e-mail to

II) Substitute policy: YNU Members may have a substitute sit in at a meeting in order to avoid an absence. The substitute must either represent a category not represented at the group or only provide information about the missing member’s business.

III)    Attendance policy: YNU Members, or their Substitutes, must attend 75% of all meetings, accrued on a quarterly basis.
IV)    Late policy: Members who arrive 15 minutes or more after the meeting begins will be considered late. For every two (2) late arrivals, a member will be given one “absence.” Or, put another way, two (2) late arrivals = one (1) absence.
V)    Participation Point Policy: Members must receive three participation points each month to remain an active member. To receive a participation point a member must a) bring a guest, b) pass a lead, c) make a Power Partner Introduction, or d) participate in a One on One  where you get together with one or more members outside of the leads group format. This is a minimum requirement. Members should strive to exceed this number to be an effective and contributing leads group member. If a member does not meet this policy, their membership may be subject to termination determined by Board vote.
VI)    Leave of Absence Policy: A leave of absence may be granted by the Board of Directors if a member submits the request in writing. If a member wants a leave of absence, he or she must submit a request to the Board in writing before the first missed meeting. If granted a leave of absence, time missed during the leave of absence will not be counted as an absence. Members may only request one month per year for a leave of absence with the one exception being a medical leave where up to two months may be granted and a second exception being Maternity Leave where up to three months may be granted. During a leave of absence, YNU members are still responsible for paying for local chapter dues as well as YNU corporate dues with the one exception being maternity leave where the member can request in writing from corporate to discontinue monthly payments for the three months of maternity leave. If the member requesting a leave of absence is delinquent on paying their dues, said member is not eligible to request a leave of absence.   

J. General Policies

1)    If a member representing a “Corporate” membership (i.e. a membership that is paid for by the company not the individual) leaves the group, that corporate entity or company has 30 days to send a replacement to that chapter or they will lose their membership. The chapter still must vote on this new person and may choose to reject their application. The corporate entity may then send another replacement or choose to send that replacement to a different YNU chapter. Once the replacement is voted into a YNU chapter, that membership is continued as long as the corporate entity continues to pay the renewal.
2)    If a visiting guest competes with members in the group, that guest may not give a commercial for their business but may state why they are attending the meeting (e.g. “I am here to check the group out because I may join another YNU group.”)
3)    Members must obtain permission from other YNU members before adding them to their e-newsletter or other e-mail lists.
4)    Members must represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business. Exceptions may be made by the chapter's Board based upon the individual's commitment to changing the status of their business from part-time to full-time or their ability to contribute to the group's success.
5)    Multi-level marketing (also referred to as “Direct Sale or Network Marketing) members are not allowed to solicit YNU members, in any direct or indirect way, to join their organization as an employee or representative.  Instead, their focus in the leads group must be on the products and services they sell.
6)    Presenters must bring a door prize. Only members bringing a lead or a qualified guest are eligible for the door prize. Visitors are eligible for the door prize if they pass a lead or if they fill out the guest sheet with five members that they met and who signed their guest sheet.
7)    On Voting in a New Member. Potential members must submit a completed application and payment to the chapter on or before their second visit to the chapter. The membership chair or someone appointed by the membership chair will then check the references of the potential member and the chapter will vote on whether or not to accept the member after hearing a report from the membership chair on that person's references. To save time, the application may be submitted on the guest's first visit so that the membership of a chapter can vote at the end of the guest's second meeting. Before voting at the end of the meeting, the guest should be asked to leave and then be notified by phone of the chapter's decision.
8)    Members who wish to change their business classification must submit a new application and will only be accepted upon vote of the chapter in the same way as a chapter would accept a brand new member.
9)    On Transferring Membership. Members who wish to transfer their membership to another chapter must submit a new application to the other chapter and they will be voted on by the chapter in the same manner as voting in a new member.
10)    All returned checks will be assessed a $25 returned check fee.
11)    Members may only choose one Business Category as their protected category within the leads group. The Board of each chapter has final authority relating to classification conflicts.
12)    Non Disclosure of Confidential Information.  Member agrees that, except as required in his/her duties to Company, he/she will not, during his/her membership and for all times subsequent to such membership, directly or indirectly, use, disseminate, or disclose any "confidential information" concerning the business, technology, services provided or customers of Company.  "Confidential Information" means any and all:
I)    trade secrets concerning the business and affairs of the Company or its affiliates, product specifications, data, know-how, formulae, compositions, processes, designs, sketches, photographs, graphs, drawings, samples, inventions and ideas, past, current, and planned research and development, current and planned marketing and consulting methods and processes, delivery systems, customer lists, current and anticipated customer requirements, price lists, market studies, business plans, computer software and programs (including object code and source code), computer database technologies, systems, structures, and architectures (and related formulae, compositions, processes, improvements, devices, know-how, inventions, discoveries, concepts, ideas, designs, methods and information), and any other information, however documented, that is a trade secret under law;
II)    information concerning the business and affairs of the Company or its affiliates (which includes historical financial statements, financial projections and budgets, historical and projected sales, capital spending budgets and plans, personnel training and techniques and materials, marketing data, budgets and plans), however documented; and
III)    notes, analysis, compilations, studies, summaries, and other material prepared by or for the Company or its affiliates containing or based, in whole or in part, on any information included in the foregoing, and any copies or reproductions thereof.
13)    Upon termination of his/her membership, member shall not be entitled to keep or reproduce said Confidential Information, whether or not prepared by him/her, but rather shall forthwith return any such Confidential Information to Company.
14)    Member warrants and represents that this Agreement is not in conflict with any obligations he/she presently has with any other person or entity, singular or plural.
15)    Restrictions on Right to Solicit Customers, Members, Employees.  Member agrees that during membership and for a period of six (6) months after any termination of his/her membership with Company, he/she will not, in any manner, whether with or without cause, directly or indirectly, either as owner, officer, employer, representative, independent contractor, stockholder, agent, principal, manager, consultant, partner, member or otherwise, solicit any customer, member or employee of Company for a competitive "leads" or other networking group.  The term "customer" includes, but is not limited to, persons or entities participating in any leads or networking group of Company.  In the event of Representative's actual or threatened breach of the provisions of this Paragraph or Paragraph 7 above, Company shall have the right to obtain injunctive relief and/or specific performance and to seek any other remedy available to Company.  In addition to such remedies, and due to the difficulty of ascertaining with any reasonable degree of certainty the damages that might be suffered, Company and Representative agree that, in the event there is any violation of the provisions of the covenants restricting competition, there will be paid as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, to Company $5,000.00 per customer, member or employee of Company.  Furthermore, Company and Representative agree that, because of the nature of Company's business, the above amount of liquidated damages is reasonable and is not a penalty.
16)    All Rules and Procedures in this pamphlet may be subject to changes, subtractions, and additions. By signing the application for membership to a YNU chapter, you are agreeing to abide by the latest set of  YNU Corporate rules and procedures.