03/06/2014: "Absolutely the BEST leads group that I have ever joined. Ever."

Jay Harris
Double Diamond Financial, LLC

"Mark brings a vast experience and knowledge to help small businesses prosper through networking. His teaching has greatly enhanced the marketing not only of my business, but the many others that he has helped through his organization."

Jack Henninger, Auto Broker
Car Connections, Ltd.

"Mark Hiatt is a great leader for all other businesses. I have been a member for about 6 years. His organization was the first one I had ever attended or joined. He is a master at helping businesses connect and becoming a resource to help others. He has a unique way of implementing out-of-the-box ideas and always strives to present something new to each and every one of us. My business has greatly benefited from Mark's guidance and deep understanding of what it takes to make a business grow."

Ann Taddeo, Real Estate Broker

"Mark is a great communicator and has a great way of helping people connect. I've appreciate the interactions I get to have with Mark and look forward to what the future will bring."

Harlan Edlin

"I met Mark when I joined his leads group about 4 years ago. Mark has monthly meetings and brainstorming with all the groups and keeps us up to date on all the latest marketing and sales books to help us in growing our business. Mark has earned all the members respect for his advice and help in networking successfully."

Jayne Henninger, President
Remedy Intelligent Staffing