Forget win-win - focus on the other person's win.

Bob Burg and John David Mann, The Go-Giver

Training and Events Offered by YNU

Your Networking Universe offers over 20 different training modules covering many aspects of networking and marketing. We can also customize training specifically for your organization or company.

Additionally, we can produce a networking event for you or help you to organize your own. Please call for details.

Here is a sampling of our pre-existing seminars:

Mastery of Networking Workshop - 4 hour (Cost - $750 + expenses for 10-30 attendees

Take your team to the next level with:

Seminar: "Secret of Networking: At An Event" - 50 - 110 Minutes (Cost - $200 - $350 + expenses for 10-30 attendees)

Do you or your salespeople have a plan for how you will get the most out of attending a networking event? Did you know that there are three key actions you can take before the event even begins that will double or triple your benefit immediately? Here's what you will learn:

Seminar: "Take your Elevator Speech to The Penthouse" - 50 MinutesĀ (Cost - $150 + expenses for 10-30 attendees)

You have many opportunities to give your commercial or your elevator speech or just answer the question "What do you do?" when you are a salesperson or business owner. 95% of you will answer with what we call the "features" of your business. E.G. "I am a CPA and provide tax planning and preparation for businesses." Here's the dilemma:

The person you are speaking with doesn't really want to know what you do yet.

And if they do want to know what you do it's probably for the wrong reasons - like they are figuring out if you would be a good potential customer. What they are really asking you is this: "If I were to give you 10 seconds to impress me enough to ask for another 10 seconds - what would you say?" This seminar teaches you how to get another 10 seconds.

These are two of our popular networking seminars but we also have 2-hour seminars, 4-hour seminars and even full-day seminars that go into great detail about how anyone and everyone can build a network that works. Please call Mark Hiatt at 303-525-4690 to discuss your specific needs as an organization or a company and we will find the right solution for you.