Netgear Nighthawk RS700S Wi-Fi 7 Router Review

Nighthawk RS700S scaled

Netgear has launched its inaugural Wi-Fi 7 router, the Nighthawk RS700S, which aims to provide consumers with a future-proof device that can handle emerging multi-gigabit Internet speeds. Priced at £800, it’s certainly a premium router, but the exceptional wireless performance and advanced features help validate the lofty price tag. Overview of Key Specifications As Netgear’s … Read more

Acer Predator Connect W6 Wi-Fi 6E Gaming Router Review

Acer Predator Connect W6 Wi Fi 6E Gaming Router Review scaled

With a reputation solidified in the arenas of laptops, monitors, and desktop PCs, Acer’s venture into the GPU market marked a significant stride, showcased by the Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770. However, the expansive Acer portfolio does not halt there; it stretches into various other territories including air purification with the Acer Acerpure Air … Read more

Raspberry Pi 5 vs Raspberry Pi 4 Comparison – RPi 5 vs RPI 4 Specifications, Benchmarks, Cost and Alternative

raspberry pi 5 features

The Raspberry Pi series has continually evolved, each iteration accompanied by notable enhancements whilst maintaining a competitive cost-performance ratio. The latest entrant, the Raspberry Pi 5, underscores this trajectory, manifesting a significant leap in processing speed and graphical capabilities compared to its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 4. The Raspberry Pi 4 has found a substantial … Read more

TerraMaster Unveils Centralized Backup: A Comprehensive Backup Solution for Businesses

TerraMaster Centralized Backup 1

In an era where data security is paramount, TerraMaster has stepped up its game with the release of the latest version of Centralized Backup. This professional disaster recovery tool is designed to meet the backup needs of businesses, covering a range of IT environments including Windows desktops, servers, file servers, and virtual machines. The solution … Read more

Comparing Dual-WAN and Link Aggregation: Tips for Practical Use

Asus Dual Wan 2

In this analysis, we delve into the nuanced distinctions between Dual-WAN and Link Aggregation, as well as their respective setup procedures. As highlighted in our previous discussion on 10Gbps Internet, understanding these configurations is crucial for those seeking optimal network performance. While Dual-WAN and Link Aggregation may seem like attractive features, they are not universally … Read more

A Guide to Frequency vs Wavelength in Wi-Fi

Frequency and Wavelength in terms of WiFi

When it comes to Wi-Fi technology, two terms that often pop up are “frequency” and “wavelength.” While they might seem interchangeable to the uninitiated, they are, in fact, two distinct aspects that play a crucial role in how your Wi-Fi performs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of these terms, explore their … Read more

Does Wi-Fi Use Microwaves? Unpacking the Science Behind Your Wireless Connection

Wi Fi signals microwave

We’ve all heard the term “Wi-Fi” thrown around in casual conversations, tech forums, and even in product reviews. But have you ever stopped to wonder what actually powers this ubiquitous technology that keeps us connected 24/7? One question that often pops up is: does Wi-Fi use microwaves? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the … Read more