What is WiFi EasyMesh?

Wi-Fi EasyMesh is a standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to enable multiple wireless access points (APs) to work together cohesively in a single network. This mesh standard aims to ensure that devices from different manufacturers can be interoperable, allowing users to create a more robust and expansive Wi-Fi network easily. The concept is aimed primarily at residential users but can also benefit small businesses and commercial settings.

Key Features

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Seamless Roaming

One of the main advantages of Wi-Fi EasyMesh is the ability to roam seamlessly across the network. This means that as you move around your home or office, your device will automatically connect to the AP offering the strongest signal, without dropping the connection or requiring manual switching.


Wi-Fi EasyMesh allows for scalable network expansion. You can easily add more mesh-compatible routers or nodes to extend the network’s coverage area. This is especially useful in larger homes or offices where a single router might not provide sufficient coverage.


Another significant feature is the self-optimising capability. The network continually analyses the connection quality and traffic load, automatically rerouting data packets for optimal performance. This is a boon for network stability and overall user experience.

Backward Compatibility

Devices that support Wi-Fi EasyMesh are generally backward compatible with older Wi-Fi standards. This means that even if you already have a non-mesh Wi-Fi router, adding an EasyMesh compatible device can provide mesh functionality without necessitating a complete hardware overhaul.


Before Wi-Fi EasyMesh, mesh networks were often restricted to devices from the same manufacturer. With this standard, the promise is greater interoperability between brands, offering consumers more choices when setting up or expanding their home network.


Smart Homes

For smart home setups that rely on a robust Wi-Fi network to operate devices like smart thermostats, security cameras, and smart speakers, Wi-Fi EasyMesh can ensure consistent and stable connectivity.

Computer Networking

In homes or small offices where multiple devices—like laptops, servers, and network storage—are interconnected, a Wi-Fi EasyMesh network can provide the necessary robustness and reliability.

AV Tech

For those who use Wi-Fi-based home entertainment systems or high-definition streaming, Wi-Fi EasyMesh can offer the bandwidth and low latency required for a high-quality experience.


Wi-Fi EasyMesh represents a significant step towards making mesh networks more accessible, flexible, and easy to set up. It leverages advanced features to provide a seamless, robust, and optimised Wi-Fi experience that can adapt to various needs and environments. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual looking to set up an expansive home network or someone just wishing for a reliable and consistent internet connection throughout your space, Wi-Fi EasyMesh has something to offer.

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